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The Spirit of St. Louis Room

The year was 1927. The Atlantic Ocean had not yet been conquered by air. Substantial cash rewards had been offered to the first successful pilot, but no one had been able to claim the prize. Several attempts were made, and the pilots were never heard from again...

Charles Lindbergh was up to the challenge, but he needed a plane that could fly for over 33 hours un-refueled. He also needed a plane that was rock-solid reliable, above all else. 

The Ryan Company of St. Louis, Missouri, was up to the challenge.  Working closely with Lindbergh, they designed a high-wing monoplane that could carry over 425 gallons of fuel, and 25 gallons of oil, powered by a single 225 horsepower Wright J-5-C radial engine.

Amazingly, they started designing the aircraft on February 26, 1927 -- and it flew out the door on May 10th!  Time was of the essence, as several other adventurers were almost ready to attempt the flight -- but it is still a remarkable achievement, going from a blank sheet of paper to a successful trans-Atlantic aircraft in just 42 days.

That simply could not be done today.

Our "Spirit of St. Louis" room pays homage to that great era of exploration, when aviation was new, departures were infrequent, and arrival was uncertain. But you won't be "roughing it" like "Lucky Lindy" did!   Enjoy the luxury of two queen beds, a 32" HDTV, DVD player, free movies, a microwave, refrigerator, 10-cup coffee maker, and an easy walk to the hot tub.

Your stay will include our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast basket, made up of a variety of fresh bakery items, fruit, coffee, tea, and the morning newspaper.  This room is directly across from the pool, hot tub, and grilling area.

Note: This room adjoins with the Charles Lindbergh Room. Reserve both, open the common inner door, and enjoy a giant 4-bed suite!

To specifically reserve the Spirit of St. Louis Room, please call us at 888-671-8088.  To reserve the next available double-queen room on-line, click here.  

This plaque adorns the entry door to the Spirit of St. Louis Room.

A 32" flat screen HDTV and DVD player make your stay more luxurious. We have free movies, too.

Two large, queen beds await!

A reverse angle.

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