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105 N. Alister Street

Port Aransas, TX



You may reserve your stay with us here, or by calling us at 888-671-8088.  Please note the following disclaimers:

1. We are 100% non-smoking.  You may smoke on the balconies, but not in any room, or at poolside.

2. Pets.  Not all of our rooms are pet-friendly, and pets are $25 per night.  If you have a pet, please call to reserve.

3. Debit cards.  We do not recommend using a debit card to reserve a room. . Although they work just fine from our end, when we preauthorize the amount of your stay on a debit card it will "freeze" those funds in your checking account, and you will not have access to them for a period that is specified by your bank.  For this reason, we recommend using a credit card to make your reservation.

4. Aviation themed rooms.  If you book on-line, you will be assigned the next available room of the size you have specified.  If you desire a specific aviation theme room, please call us.

5. Discounts.  We offer Military, AAA, AARP, EAA, AOPA, and Pilots of America discounts.  These are only available if you book by telephone.

6. Sold Out?  Don't lose hope!  We close on-line availability when we still have two rooms left, so we don't accidentally over-book. Call us to be sure!

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