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We survey EVERY guest that stays with us, and take each response very seriously.   Here is a sampling of what we have heard since we opened in April of 2010:

5/23/2010  "Croissant would be nice." (We added them to our delivered-breakfast menu after this review!)

5/24/2010 "Good value, location, people. Add robe hooks." (We did!)

7/19/2010 "You guys did a great job. I loved my stay and will come back for future visits."

7/21/2010  "Walls are too thin. We could hear everything in the next room." (Yep, that was the old island construction for you. We're adding insulation to every wall as we rebuild the place from within. This room was totally redone in Fall 2010.)

7/30/2010  "Breakfast was awesome! HDTV great too!" (Those flat screen TVs were money well-spent. EVERYONE loves 'em!)

8/9/2010  "No WIFI was bad for us." (Yep, the people we bought the inn from were trying to cover the entire property with a single transmitter. We have since strung 100' of CAT5 cable through the attics, and added another WIFI transmitter!)

8/16/2010  "Love it!! Thank you for taking pets!!" (We are pet lovers, and will always have some pet-friendly rooms.)

9/26/2010  "Need a blow dryer." (We added wall-mounted hair dryers to all rooms shortly after this review.)

11/4/2010  "You're doing a great job, Keep it up!" (This was our first guest who had stayed with us in both Iowa AND Texas!)

3/22/2011  "Thank you sooo much for your dinner suggestion!" (By this point we had eaten at every restaurant in Port A multiple times, and were able to make knowledgable recommendations.)

3/28/11  "Very well run Inn, the breakfast & paper delivery is a great plus."

4/24/2011  "Thanks for the Easter candies. We will be back!" (Mary was the Easter bunny with breakfast, that weekend!)

5/22/2011 "Thank you! Y'all have very friendly staff. What service should be."

6/28/2011  "Very quiet and relaxing and very clean, everyone was friendly."

7/24/2011  "Wonderful place, great staff, very friendly."

8/2/2011  "Your staff puts their best foot forward. Love the aviation motif."

8/11/2011  "Uncomfortable mattress, too expensive for comfort." (We took that bed for a "test nap", and had to agree. That mattress was in the dumpster by nightfall, and we sent a free night's certificate to these folks!)

8/17/2011  "Love that you allow dogs."  (Some of our rooms are "pet friendly".  There is a $25/night fee for pets.)

9/5/2011  "The room could use a rack of hooks for hanging clothes.  Otherwise, a fantastic experience!"  (We've begun adding hooks to all rooms!)

10/3/2011  "Huge improvement from previous owners.  We will recommend y'all!  Thanks!"

10/12/2011  "Pool very clean.  Great decor.  We'll be back!"  (Mary used to work at a municipal water department in Wisconsin.  The pool is CLEAN!)

11/8/2011  "Well run.  Nice property.  Great value!"

11/27/2011  "Loved the rooms and how friendly everyone is.  Keep up the good work!"

12/6/2011  "Add cereal or yogurt to the breakfast, please!"  (We can't, because we deliver it outside your door by 7 AM.  If you don't pick it up until 11 AM...)

1/2/2012  "Thank you for making my husband happy with your aviation theme!"

1/16/2012  "Loved this place!  Hope to get back here soon!"

2/6/2012  "Enjoyed breakfast!  Delivery was wonderful!"

2/7/2012  "Very nice and comfortable.  We will be back!"

3/9/2012   "Need place to hang clothes".  (Clothes hooks were added after this review.)

3/27/2012  "Standards are incredibly high. Keep up the good work."

4/17/2012   "Yelp gave excellent reviews.  Very classy place."

6/17/2012  "Love this place, will be back.  Made our honeymoon awesome!"

7/12/2012  "We love your facilities! We will only stay here in Port A."

8/10/2012  "Great service. Breakfast served was good and filling.  Thank you so much!"

9/2/2012  "This hotel made our stay worth a lot more than expected, breakfast is excellent. Very good smell in room."

10/7/2012  "Very convenient to our venue and lots of dining places."

10/14/2012  "The best and most pleasant stay we have ever enjoyed."

10/29/2012  "Hair dryer switch doesn't work."  (Hair dryer replaced --  switch bad.)

11/11/2012  "What a nice and charming place.  We loved having breakfast in our room.  We will be back."

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