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The Fly-In Movie Room           Newly renovated April 2012!

Motion pictures and aviation have grown up together.  In the last century, hundreds of movies about aviation have been made, many of them truly awful,  but some that have become true classics. This room commemorates those fantastic tales of high adventure in the skies. 

Some aviation movies have become treasures. John Wayne's "The High and the Mighty" and "Flying Tigers" have taken their place in motion picture history.  More recently, Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" and James Franco's "Flyboys" are favorites, while Leonardo Dicaprio's "The Aviator" captured the essence of the most famous pilot of a generation.  And Hillary Swank's rendition of Amelia Earhart rings true.

This no-pet room is chock-full of artwork and posters from these Hollywood classics. Best of all, we own over 200 aviation movies on DVD, and they are available for FREE check-out to play in your room. Cue one up on the DVD player in your room, and watch it on your 32" flatscreen HDTV!

Our "Fly-In Movies" room is not just one big movie advertisement, however. In it you will find every creature comfort, including a queen-sized bed, microwave oven, 12-cup coffee maker, refrigerator, hair dryer -- and, of course, our signature service, a delivered-to-your room continental breakfast, with fresh bakery, fruit, juice, coffee, tea, and the newspaper!

To specifically reserve the Fly-In Movie Room, please call us at 888-671-8088.  To reserve the next available single-queen room on-line, click here.  

Welcome to the Fly-In Movie room!

A luxurious Queen bed!

All new ceramic tile and new wicker furniture complete the island look.

All new appliances -- 10 cup coffee maker, microwave and fridge.

A better view

Posters from many flying movies adorn the walls.

It just doesn't get nicer!

A nice seating area to enjoy your delivered breakfast -- and a 32" HDTV with DVD player!

If you like movies, you'll love this room!

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