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Aviation Videos
Over the years we have accumulated over 500 fascinating and educational aviation-related videos.  Some depict terrible accidents, while others are just plain cool.  What IS this page, anyway?
Click on a heading, below, to see videos specific to the category.

A few comments about these videos:  In most cases, these videos have been sent to us by pilots and aviation enthusiasts who know we collect aviation videos.  In almost all cases we are unaware of their original source -- but if you know, please contact us.  We will be glad to give proper credit to the camera person, or, if requested,  we will remove the video from our site. 
As pilots, our desire is that viewing the videos should be an educational experience, with the goal of preventing similar accidents in the future.   While none of these videos show graphic depictions of death, some of them *do* show fatal crashes, and therefore may not be suitable for younger viewers.
Wherever possible we have tried to include informed commentary (or links to other websites) that provide important safety-related information about these crashes, with the goal of providing our fellow pilots with an important safety tool.
Technical Advisor:  Over the years, controversies have erupted over certain videos.  Spotters from all over the world are usually quick to detect errors, but -- occasionally -- there is a dispute over precisely which aircraft is being displayed, or what is actually taking place on-screen.
To help with this problem, I have persuaded retired Royal Air Force Warrant Officer Tony Clay to act as "Technical Advisor" for the web page.  As an RAF pilot, Tony has flown -- or flown in -- a number of aircraft, including Chipmunks, Bulldogs, Tutors, C-130s, BAE Andovers, Boeing Chinooks, Wesland Wessex, and Sea King helicopters.   He also worked on a number of RAF fighter types, including Spitfires and Tornadoes, and visited British and American air bases around the world while in service.
As the youngest Warrant Officer in the RAF, he taught air recon, intelligence gathering, and the history of flight.   He has recently parlayed his voluminous knowledge of aviation history into work on TV projects such as the critically acclaimed "Band of Brothers" on HBO television.  

If you have questions about a specific video, click here to contact Tony directly via email.

A note about playing these videos:   BANDWIDTH IS YOUR FRIEND.  If you do not have high-speed internet access, you probably don't want to click many of these links.   On a dial-up connection, you can get lunch while some of these files download...
Most videos run optimally in Windows Media Player.  (Download it here.) Some may require Quicktime to play. (Download it here.)  Others may require RealPlayer. (Download it here.)

The videos should play automatically after "clicking" the links, but will often play "jerkily" the first time through, as the video tries to "stream".   Just let it play, or hit the "stop" button, giving it a chance to download.

Your SECOND play should be smooth and seamless. 
To save a copy on your computer, RIGHT click and select "Save Target As..."
If you can't get the videos to play, click here.
Send mail to jjhoneck@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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