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The Airshow Room

An Airshow!   Everyone who has ever attended an airshow knows the excitement, thrills, and sheer fun of attending an airshow in the summer.  The daring young men and women in their flying machines.  The wing-walkers, tempting fate with their every step.  The parachutists, plummeting toward earth, then floating gently down under canopy, an American flag trailing behind.   All of it a little piece of Americana, celebrated each year for over a century.

The sheer spectacle of it all enthralls the young and old alike.  World War II fighters and bombers fly overhead, aerobatic biplanes dance across the sky, and modern military jets scream past at unbelievable speeds.  The summer airshow is an experience like none other!

Our pet friendly Airshow Room is decorated with artwork and memorabilia from airshows dating back 35 years, and boasts every modern hotel amenity.  A full kitchen beckons, with all pots, pans and utensils -- plus you'll have two Queen-sized beds, a 32" HDTV, a DVD player (with over 200 movies to choose from -- free of charge), microwave, refrigerator, 10-cup coffee maker, and hair dryer.  And, of course, you'll  receive our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast during your stay!

To specifically reserve the Air Show Room, please call us at 888-671-8088.  To reserve the next available room with a kitchen on-line, click here.  

Click a thumbnail, below, to see pix of the Airshow Room.

The Airshow Room, room 11, is adorned with artwork from 35 years of attending airshows across America.

The Red Bull Air Races were an amazing spectacle. We saw them in Detroit.

This room has a nice feel to it, with plenty of room for four people.

A 32" flat screen HDTV, with DVD player, is a nice addition to the kitchen and sleeping area.

More airshow artwork.

Two queen beds await!

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